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Counseling/psychotherapy services in Kyoto, Japan, and online, for adults and teenagers.

Experienced – Professional – USA Licensed – Psychologically knowledgeable – Confidential – Culturally sensitive – Teach psychology and practice psychotherapy –

With each person I work with, I try to provide a safe and comfortable place for the person to explore deeply their concerns. Together we try to get to the heart of the person’s concern(s). We attend to that which is difficult to talk about with people in the person’s life. I try to assist a person to understand their concern(s) and together we develop practical solutions to their concern(s).

I understand the importance of confidentiality, especially in the small expatriate community. I have provided counseling services in 3 countries – in California, USA, 1992-1999, in Japan 1999-2015, in Thailand 2015-2018, and again in Japan 2018-present. My holistic approach is integrative of the whole person – aiming to work with body, mind, spirit, relationships, and cultural issues as is needed according to the person or people. To do this I blend my Western psychology training (cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), Gestalt, somatic, psychoanalytic, couple and family systems, solution-focused) with my Asian training (Buddhist meditation, yoga, Tai Chi, Japanese psychotherapies Morita and Naikan) with the goal of providing each person or people optimal and personally-effective psychotherapy.

Individual issues that I have worked with include depression, anxiety and phobias, anger, impulse control, stress, substance abuse and sexual addiction, eating disorders, relationship difficulties, cultural challenges, trauma, grief, life transitions, career and work challenges, internet related difficulties, and personal growth.

My KYOTO office is located in the Kamitakano area of Sakyo-ku, Kyoto (京都市左京区上高野). It is about a 12 minute walk from both the Kokusaikaikan (国際会館) station on the Kurasuma subway line and the Takaragaike (宝ヶ池) station on the Eizan train line.

Blog: – Various writings on cross-cultural psychology, the Asian traditions and psychotherapy, and my personal experiences and views.

Research on intercultural relationships – I am active in cross-cultural research that is relevant for people in cross-cultural situations. Currently I am working on a project examining crisis times – hard times – in intercultural marriages. The focus is on how how did these crises occur and how people got through these crises. If you are a member of an Asian-Western relationship and are willing to be interviewed about how you made it through a crisis time in your relationship, please contact me. There is more detailed information posted in the “Publication and Events” section of this website. Click on the “Publication and Events” tab on the bar at the top of this page.

Reggie Pawle,Ph.D.

Dr. Reggie Pawle in Yangon, Myanmar

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* The fee at my Kyoto office is ¥7500 per 55 minutes. The first session is an introductory meeting that lasts an extra 30 minutes (total 1 hour 25 minutes) with a fee of ¥10,500.
* Phone and Online counseling is available for people living at a distance from Kyoto. The fee is ¥7500 per 55 minutes, with the client responsible for any transfer fees. Payment can be paid by bank transfer, Japan Post Yucho Bank, or PayPal. Receipt of the fee prior to the appointment time is required.
* I have taught psychology at the Asian Studies Program, Kansai Gaidai University, Hirakata-shi, Japan – – and at the Graduate School of Psychology, Assumption University, Bangkok, Thailand –                                                                                          * I have provided counseling services to English-speaking students at Kansai Gaidai University 2004-2015, 2018-2020, and 2022-present.
* Workshops, Seminars, and Lectures on Cross-Cultural Issues
* Research and writing on Integrating Cross-Cultural Research and Psychotherapy
* Research and writing on the Psychology of Zen Buddhism and Daoism
* Cross-Cultural Counseling Service serves the goals of increasing international understanding and cooperation, improving relationships between people, helping people with the psychological challenges of living in a cross-cultural milieu, integrating the wisdom of Asia with Western psychology, and broadening psychology so that psychotherapy can be of service to more diverse and larger numbers of people around the world.

California (USA) Marriage and Family Therapist license # MFC 35774 (
Hawaii (USA) Marriage and Family Therapist license # 75 (currently inactive)(