Personal Training


If you have any questions about Reginald Pawle’s two licenses, you may get information through the California (USA) Department of Consumer Affairs (Marriage and Family Therapist license # MFC 35774) at: and through the Hawaii (USA) Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs (Marriage and Family Therapist license # 75) at:


Psychotherapist Intern: Lomi Community Clinic, Santa Rosa, California, USA, 1994-1997 & 1998-1999. Clients: individual adults, families, couples, adolescents, groups for adults on relationships. Issues: extremely varied, included short-term and long-term work.

Psychotherapist Intern: St. Vincent’s Family Based Crisis and Support Program, San Rafael, California, USA, 1996-1997, part-time. Clients: families that included an adolescent who had become involved with the Juvenile Justice System.

School Counselor Intern: WillowsideMiddle School, Sebastopol, California, USA, 1995-1996, part-time. Clients: boys and girls aged 10-12.

Psychotherapist Trainee: Integral Counseling CenterSan Francisco California USA. 1992-1993, part-time. Clients: individual adults, couples, families, one group for adults on relationships.


Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT): My training at the Lomi Community Clinic and at St. Vincent’s included a cognitive-behavioral component. Since receiving my license in 1999 I have kept up with developments in cognitive-behavioral therapy by attending lectures and conferences and reading new literature.

Family Systems Therapy: My training at St. Vincent’s was family systems based in its orientation. I also received extensive training through many courses on aspects of family systems theory in graduate school.

Gestalt Therapy: I received extensive training in Gestalt therapy. While at the Lomi Clinic I was trained by Robert Hall, M.D., who was trained directly by Fritz Perls, the founder of Gestalt Therapy. Also, my supervisor at the Integral Counseling Center, Lu Grey MFT, was trained in Gestalt therapy.

Somatic Therapy: My training at the Lomi Clinic included an active somatic component. The Lomi Clinic is a leader in mind-body therapeutic methods.

Buddhist Psychology: My research in Japan has focused on Zen Buddhist psychology, both theory and practices. Much of my orientation to therapy is based on Buddhist psychology in various ways.

Depth Psychology, long-term work: I received training in long-term psychotherapy from Robert Hall, M.D., with whom I worked for several years, and from some of my trainers at the Lomi Clinic.

Solution Focused Therapy: I received training in Solution Focused Therapy through courses in graduate school and conferences and workshops after graduation.